Haikus of Public Transport


Going to Melbourne
Requires one to travel.
Some walk, others don’t.

For those who don’t walk
There is an alternative;
It’s Public Transport.

Some say it’s social
Others claim it’s a nightmare;
Terrifying and dead.

Such as those meek people
Who don’t smile or acknowledge
The presense of others.

Or the delinquents
Who talk oh-so very, very loud!
As if all alone.

And the powers that be,
Feared by all the travellers;
Ticket Inspectors.

Some calm, some tired,
Although some get badly violent
Seen as if a gang.

Panned by the media,
Hated by the passengers.
But just doing their jobs?

There is a unity
To be found amongst the people…
… when bunched up close.

For during busy hours
Over-population reigns!
One can barely move.

So verily, Public Transport is a system worthy of applause!
But, much like communism, is riddled with vast amounts of flaws.

Reservedness and anti-social atmospheres ceases all motion,
And it certainly doesn’t help when there comes a commotion…


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One response to “Haikus of Public Transport”

  1. prfurman23 says :

    cool, i’ve never been to melbourne, but it sounds like you’re good at depicting the social aspect as well as the appearance of city life and it looks like you enjoy it.

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