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Finale – What is the City… to me?


So here I am
It was ever so brief.
Having explored various attractions
In order to show my belief.

Some say it’s brilliant,
An accurate opinion to yield,
For where else in Melbourne
Could you find a bigger battlefield?

A strongly endeared child,
Being suffocated by its parents, Society,
While some other, less authoritive relatives,
Use it to spread their notoriety.

The city cannot be left alone,
As time has repeatedly told.
If age is determined by how close one is to death,
Can the city ever become independant; old?

The city shows its generosity,
Providing everyone with sights, stores & travel.
Yet the various issues society throws upon the city
Sends many before the judge’s gavel.

Funny, though, how violence leads to such a conclusion,
Yet so many such cases are considered a pretense
When the prepetrators are a gang of badge-weilding workers
Who claim that force was within their right for arrest & defence.

Melbourne is surrounded by work and achievments,
Yet walking through can feel like a valley of apathy
When everyone has a destination to hurry off to
Their walking creates a monotonous symphony.

Despite all the error that is wrought out
The city does help put the world into perspective
With its collosal size & population
A lot of the problems are just subjective.

Because not everyone can appreciatte the exact same things
But everyone, in their lives, gets plagued with many a tribulation.
By going out and comparing the size of the city to one’s home,
It allows one to experience a realisation;

The entire world is much bigger
Than what we consider “our world”
Showing that, really, our everyday lives
Are just a teeny-tiny whirl

In the grander picture of life,
And there is so much else to see and experience,
Showing that the majority of us
Really have a strong sense of inexperience.

You’ve read my chiming and rhyming,
You’ve read about the city’s strife.
So, finally, “What is the City?”
It’s a microcosm… of Life.


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Cinquains of Architecture


Melbourne’s Face
And entire body
Places of admiration and

Time goes
On and on
What comes with time?

Are made
But will eventually
Face the Death Sentence:

Truly that
Is how people
Look upon the structures,

Old Buildings:
Queen Victoria Buildings,
Fish Market, Saint Collins

Even despite
Some Replacements like
Melbourne City Square are

Federation Square:
Popular meeting place/
“World’s Fifth Ugliest Building”

Design of
Saint Paul’s Cathedral
Said to be beautiful.

Crown Casino
Plain, tall building
Exists to take money.

These buildings
Symbolise modern Melbourne
But for how long?

Sooner or
Perhaps even later?
They will all be

By Governments
To satisfy needs
But at what cost?

The city, like the human body, never remains exactly the same,
Because society likes to grab the city and play a little game.

To make the city its own child and make it look fine.
Pray that society isn’t a metaphor for Victor Frankenstein.

*A clerihew about Wren, the designer of St Paul’s Cathedral:

“Sir Christopher Wren
Said, “I’m going to dine with some men.
If anyone calls
Say I’m designing St. Paul’s.”

Haikus of Public Transport


Going to Melbourne
Requires one to travel.
Some walk, others don’t.

For those who don’t walk
There is an alternative;
It’s Public Transport.

Some say it’s social
Others claim it’s a nightmare;
Terrifying and dead.

Such as those meek people
Who don’t smile or acknowledge
The presense of others.

Or the delinquents
Who talk oh-so very, very loud!
As if all alone.

And the powers that be,
Feared by all the travellers;
Ticket Inspectors.

Some calm, some tired,
Although some get badly violent
Seen as if a gang.

Panned by the media,
Hated by the passengers.
But just doing their jobs?

There is a unity
To be found amongst the people…
… when bunched up close.

For during busy hours
Over-population reigns!
One can barely move.

So verily, Public Transport is a system worthy of applause!
But, much like communism, is riddled with vast amounts of flaws.

Reservedness and anti-social atmospheres ceases all motion,
And it certainly doesn’t help when there comes a commotion…

Limericks of Street Art


With sights, there is a part
Which argues that it is quite smart.
It expresses issues
It reaches for tissues
It is, of course, Street Art.

The artists show their passion
By creating the city’s fashion.
They spray and paint;
or is it “taint”?
Because some think that they lack compassion.

The government wants it clean
Because they think its obscene.
They clean the grime
It takes some time
They don’t want to be seen as mean.

So the graffiti gets taken down
And the artists give some frowns.
It’s like, c’mon
It goes on and on;
This endless routine of clowns.

Street art, in its physical form, can be great.
But behind it all, it’s one long debate.

Between artists and authority that cannot agree
An endless and repetitive struggle for eternity.

What is the City?

ImageThe city of Melbourne;
a great place to live?
Such is the mystery,
but no answers, I shall give.

For never do I go
to take in the sights,
nor have I ever seen
any of the city nights.

No, when I do go,
it’s out of obligation;
because for work and travel
it’s the only destination.

So to express an opinion
on the life of the city,
I must seek out others opinions
and give, for each, a ditty.

Henceforth, there may be some contradictions,
But assure you, I do, that these are not fictions.

Just merely a mixture of many subjectives;
used to fulfill my ultimate objective.